Join the Fun at Carolina Pickers Festivals: Antique Treasures, Live Music, and More at Denton FarmPark!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1.What are the Carolina Pickers festivals and when are they held?
-The Carolina Pickers festivals are events held in the spring and fall, hosted by the Carolina Pickers group and using the Denton FarmPark for their events.

2. What can visitors expect at the Carolina Pickers festivals?
-Visitors can expect to enjoy hundreds of antique vendors, live music, train rides, cars, live auctions, wood carving shows, golf cart rentals, various food vendors, and everything they could imagine under the sun for sale. The Denton FarmPark will also be operating the Handy Dandy Railroad for families to enjoy and Laramies Cakery will be on site in the gingerbread house for all to enjoy freshly baked goods.

3. How much is the general admission fee for the Carolina Pickers festivals?
– The general admission fee is $7 per day, and kids 12 and under are free. Visitors should be prepared to pay with cash as card readers may not always work.

4. Is parking free at the Carolina Pickers festivals and are pets allowed?
-Yes, parking is free at the Carolina Pickers festivals, and pets are allowed but must be kept on a leash, friendly, and owners must clean up after them.

5. Are camping facilities available at the Denton FarmPark during the Carolina Pickers festivals?

-Yes, camping facilities are available at the Denton FarmPark during the Carolina Pickers festivals. Visitors should print off and mail in the application with a form of payment or email the camping form with a card number or include their phone number to pay over the phone.

6. Can visitors renew their camping spot for the next year’s event?
– Yes, visitors can renew their camping spot for the next year’s event. Upon check-in, visitors will be given a form for next year’s show, and they should turn in the form before leaving the show grounds with payment if they wish to save the same spot they have been given.

Denton Pickers Festival

7. What is the contact information for the Denton FarmPark?
-The Denton FarmPark’s address is 1072 Cranford Road, Denton, NC 27239. Visitors can call them at (336) 859-2755, fax them at (336) 859-2567, or email them at If anyone is interested in hosting their event at the park, they should contact the Event Coordinator at the email address provided

Print camping form

Carolina pickers festival form

Print food vendor form

Food vendor form

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