Best Robotic Vaccum Cleaner

Enjoy effortless cleaning with the Asuka Robotic Vacuum Cleaner featuring self-emptying and recharging capabilities. Say goodbye to frequent dust box cleaning as the robot automatically empties into a 2.5L bagless trash bin that holds up to 60 days of dirt. It even cleans its high-power dust collection box when done or when the battery is low. Perfect for pet owners dealing with dog hair tumbleweeds.

Experience the ultimate cleaning versatility with the 3-in-1 Vacuum, Mop, and Empty functionality. With a detachable mopping plate and cloth, you can easily sweep and mop in one go, making it a breeze to clean up spills or maintain hardwood floors. Remember to remove the mopping pad holder before switching to the dust bin or water tank assembly.

Benefit from the strong suction power that effortlessly picks up debris, dust, and pet hair from various surfaces, ranging from hard floors to carpets. No more random cleaning patterns—this robot cleans intelligently in straight lines (using a Zigzag Route) for thorough and quiet operation, making it ideal for families with pets.

Take control of your cleaning routine through the Smart Life App or the convenient remote control. Adjust cleaning modes, directions, and schedules to suit your needs, ensuring that pet hair, dust, and debris are efficiently handled. Alternatively, you can initiate cleaning by pressing the dedicated robot button on the unit.

Thanks to its slim 2.85″ design, this robot vacuum and mop combo can easily reach every nook and cranny of your home, including tight spaces like sofas, dressers, and beds. The edge-sweeping brushes prevent hair tangles and ensure comprehensive cleaning. Plus, built-in anti-dropping sensors protect against falls down stairs and edges.

To ensure a seamless connection, ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is enabled and connected to your 2.4GHz WiFi before using the app. Troubleshoot common issues using the Owner’s Manual or reach out to our responsive customer service team for assistance.

For optimal results, remove the mopping pad holder before vacuuming carpets to prevent any potential sticking. Initiate cleaning from the charging base, and the robot will quickly return within 5 meters. In larger spaces, give it a bit more time to find its way back.

Please note that while it has basic Gyro Navigation, it cannot map or create no-go zones. In case of getting stuck, the robot will attempt to disengage itself using various methods. If needed, gently untangle the robot and ensure furniture placement allows for easy access. Works best in moderately complex layouts.

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