What happened with Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens?

  1. What did Lamar Jackson announce on Monday and when did he make the trade request?
  • Lamar Jackson announced on Monday that he had requested a trade from the Baltimore Ravens
  • He made the trade request on March 2, five days before the Ravens placed the nonexclusive franchise tag on him.
  1. What was the reason behind Lamar Jackson’s timing of the announcement?
  • Lamar Jackson’s timing of the announcement was perfect as it coincided with coach John Harbaugh’s media session at the NFL’s annual league meeting.
  • Jackson likely made the announcement to expedite a resolution to his ongoing contract saga with the Ravens.
  1. What is the Ravens’ response to Jackson’s trade request?
  • The Ravens’ president, Sashi Brown, said they love Lamar and want him back, and they are committed to trying to get something done.
  • Harbaugh believes that Jackson will be his quarterback in Week 1 and the Ravens are still building their offense around him.
  • The Ravens placed the nonexclusive franchise tag on Jackson, allowing him to negotiate with other teams.
  1. What is Lamar Jackson’s current contract situation with the Ravens?
  • Lamar Jackson represents himself and has been in contract talks with the Ravens.
  • Last September, he turned down an offer from the Ravens that included $133 million guaranteed at signing, $175 million guaranteed for injury, and $200 million in total guarantees if he’s on the roster on the fifth day of the 2026 league year.
  • Jackson wants a fully guaranteed deal similar to Deshaun Watson’s.
  1. What is the Ravens’ plan for Lamar Jackson this upcoming season?
  • Harbaugh repeatedly said that they are building the new offense around Jackson, and he is their guy.
  • The Ravens are planning for all contingencies but are fired up to see Lamar Jackson play and believe he will be their quarterback in Week 1.
  1. What is the perception of Lamar Jackson’s abilities and performance over the past two seasons?
  • Jackson’s playmaking ability has made the Ravens one of the most successful teams over the past five seasons.
  • His passing and durability have come under scrutiny over the past two seasons, and he has missed 11 games, including a playoff loss to the Cincinnati Bengals last season.
  • Jackson’s record of 45-16 (.738) is the fourth-best of any quarterback who debuted in the Super Bowl era, trailing only Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, and Roger Staubach.
  • Jackson was named the NFL’s MVP after the 2019 season, and the Ravens have struggled without him the past two seasons, going 3-9 (.308) in his absence.

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