Keiser university reviews: collected from instagram, youtube and official websites.

Keiser University is a private educational institution that offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across different fields of study. Like any university, the opinions and experiences of students hold significant value in shaping the reputation and perception of the institution. In this article, we will delve into a selection of reviews shared by students who have attended Keiser University, providing a comprehensive understanding of their experiences.

Review 1: A Challenging Journey with Disappointing Outcomes One former student recounts her experience with Keiser University, starting from the moment she enrolled. She shares her interaction with an administrator who guided her towards a different program, making promises about job prospects and government assistance. However, upon completing her studies and attempting to secure employment, she discovered that her past legal issue had a significant impact on her job opportunities. Frustrated with the lack of support and answers from the administration, she ultimately made the difficult decision to quit the program.

Review 2: Frustrations in a PhD Program Another student expresses their frustrations with the professors at Keiser University. They describe encountering a professor who disregarded their documented accommodations for disabilities and consistently gave them low grades. The student suspects that the professor’s motivations may be financial, as the professor would benefit if the student had to retake the class. This student holds a strong dislike for the university and advises others to consider alternative options.

Review 3: Praise for the College of Dietetics and Nutrition Contrasting the negative reviews, a student commends the staff at Keiser University’s College of Dietetics and Nutrition. They express gratitude for the professors who played a crucial role in their academic and professional growth. Although they acknowledge the demanding workload, the student appreciates the opportunities and guaranteed placements for clinical rotations that the program offers.

Review 4: Keiser’s Supportive Environment In contrast to the previous negative review, a student expresses appreciation for Keiser University’s support and guidance throughout their academic journey. They credit the faculty and staff for their hands-on training and emphasize the caring attitude displayed by the admissions team and professors. This student holds deep gratitude for the role Keiser University played in helping them achieve their goals.

Review 5: Mixed Feelings and Practical Considerations Another former student shares their thoughts on their time at Keiser University, highlighting both positive and negative aspects. They mention that the classes at the university were fast-paced, which sometimes left them feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, they express concerns about the high cost of tuition and limited job prospects for certain programs, which contributed to their overall dissatisfaction. The student advises potential students to explore alternative options unless they have a specific interest in pursuing culinary or nursing programs.

Review 6: Cautionary Notes on Keiser’s MBA Program In this review, the student raises important concerns about Keiser University’s MBA program lacking accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). They suggest that this absence of accreditation may affect the program’s ability to provide the same outcomes as top-ranked MBA programs. Furthermore, they caution prospective students that attending a prestigious school does not guarantee significant career prospects, highlighting the importance of approaching any MBA program with caution.

These reviews offer a wide range of perspectives from students who attended Keiser University. While some express dissatisfaction with certain aspects of their experience, others share positive interactions with faculty and commend specific programs within the university. It is crucial to recognize that individual experiences can vary greatly, and these reviews should be considered alongside other sources of information when evaluating Keiser University. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to conduct thorough research and carefully consider their options before making a decision that aligns with their academic and career goals.

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