Breaking News: Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Call It Quits Just Before Her Sold-Out Eras Tour!

HOLD ONTO YOUR SEATS, FOLKS! The news has just dropped that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have SPLIT UP! That’s right, the superstar couple, who have been linked since 2016, have called it quits just a few weeks ago! According to sources, the breakup was amicable, but it was “not dramatic” and “the relationship had just run its course.” OUCH! And get this, Joe hasn’t been spotted at any of Taylor’s sold-out shows on her Eras tour, adding fuel to the fire that things weren’t going well between them. Taylor and Joe have always kept their relationship on the down-low, but fans have pieced together clues from song lyrics and interviews. Now, we’re left wondering: Who will Taylor date next? Is she engaged or secretly married? The world may never know, but one thing’s for sure, Taylor and Joe are officially OVER. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.

  • Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have reportedly broken up a few weeks ago.
  • The news was first reported by Entertainment Tonight and later confirmed by People.
  • The breakup was amicable, and the relationship had just run its course.
  • Joe Alwyn has not been spotted at Taylor’s sold-out Eras tour.
  • The couple had been dating since 2016, and their relationship was described as mature and wonderful.
  • Despite engagement rumors, the couple kept their relationship private and rarely spoke openly about it.
  • Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn met at the Met Gala in 2016 and began dating in the spring of 2017.
  • Taylor has hinted about their relationship through music and interviews.
  • Joe Alwyn used the pen name William Bowery when writing songs with Taylor.
  • Joe Alwyn debunked engagement and marriage rumors in a March 2022 interview with The Wall Street Journal.
  • Joe Alwyn was supposed to visit Taylor on her Eras tour, according to a mutual friend, but this did not happen due to their breakup.

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