5 Egg-citing Easter Egg Hunt Ideas in 2023 That Kids Will Love!

Oh boy, let me tell you about the joyous occasion that is annual egg hunt day! It’s a time-honored tradition that brings communities together to celebrate the arrival of spring and all things Easter.

Children and adults alike eagerly await the chance to scour a designated area, whether it’s a park or backyard, in search of hidden eggs. These eggs are no ordinary eggs – they’re decorated in all sorts of vibrant colors and patterns, or even filled with sweet treats or small toys!

The thrill of the hunt is timed, with participants vying to find the most eggs and claim their prize. But it’s not just about the competition – it’s a chance to bond with loved ones, enjoy the outdoors, and unleash your problem-solving and physical skills.

So get ready to hop into action and join in the excitement of annual egg hunt day – it’s an egg-citing adventure you won’t want to miss!

Event overview

Children ages 2-4 are invited to the Wyoming Historic Governors’ Mansion 13th Annual Egg Hunt. Each egg will be stuffed with goodies, including a fact about the Mansion or Wyoming history! Make sure to arrive early as this event is free and eggs go extremely quickly! Ribbons are cut at 9 a.m. sharp! Guests are also encouraged to bring their own baskets, and to dress for whatever weather Spring in Wyoming can bring.


Q: When did the egg hunt become an Easter?tradition?

A: The egg hunt became an Easter tradition in 16th-century Germany.

Q: Who held egg hunts at the church for his congregation?

A: Martin Luther held egg hunts at the church for his congregation.

Q: Who would look for eggs that the men hid around the church property?

A: The women and children would look for eggs that the men hid around the church property.

Q: What is the symbolic significance of this practice? A: This practice is symbolic of the women who discovered that the tomb was empty after the resurrection.

  • The Easter Egg Hunt lasts for 90 minutes.
  • The egg hunt begins within 15 minutes of the listed gate time.
  • The egg hunt lasts until all eggs in the garden are found


Here are 8 concise steps for planning a simple community Easter egg hunt:

Secure a suitable community space, ideally gated.

  • Schedule the event well in advance.
  • Establish clear rules for all participants.
  • Be mindful of allergies and dietary restrictions.
  • Gather the eggs ahead of time.
  • Allow ample time for preparation.
  • Organize participants by age groups.
  • Bring extra supplies just in case
easter egg hunt ideas for adults and kids

Here are 4 Easter egg hunt ideas for adults:

Glow-in-the-dark egg hunt: Host the egg hunt in the evening or at night and use glow-in-the-dark eggs to make it more challenging and exciting.

Puzzle egg hunt: Hide clues in each egg that will lead the participants to find the next egg until they reach the final prize.

Scavenger hunt: Create a list of clues or riddles that will guide participants around the community or park to find the hidden eggs.

Team egg hunt: Divide participants into teams and give each team a list of items they need to collect or complete at each egg station before they can move on to the next one. The first team to complete all the stations wins a prize.

Here are 5 Easter egg hunt ideas for kids:

Color-coded egg hunt: Assign each child a specific color and have them search for eggs that match their color. This makes it fair and prevents any one child from getting more eggs than the others.

Bunny hop egg hunt: Have the children do a bunny hop or other silly move from one egg to the next to make it more fun and active.

Alphabet egg hunt: Hide plastic eggs with letters of the alphabet inside, and have the children find the eggs and arrange the letters to form a secret message or word.

Storybook egg hunt: Hide eggs with characters from their favorite storybooks or movies, and have them collect all the characters to complete the story.

Nature egg hunt: Hide eggs with clues that lead the children to nature items, such as a feather, a pinecone, or a flower. Once they find all the nature items, they can turn them in for a special prize

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